I need to take a break, I need… St-Lucia.
It’s just in front of me, i can see it, but i can’t get there. Why? Cause i’m broke!
And to be honest i’m in the middle of a mental breakdown. I miss this island so much that i see it everywhere i go! 

And i’m super annoying! Everytime we go to the south of Martinique, i piss my friends off like  “look if you frown a little bit, you can see St-Lucia” !


As I said, I miss St-Lucia.
The question is: Why do I love this island so much? 

Don’t worry, i’ll explain! 


The “St-Lucia Experience” starts … IN MARTINIQUE at the ferry terminal of Fort-de-France!

It’s a whole mood! Like a parallel universe!
People have their own way to queue up, mommies go to Martinique to go shopping and come back to St-Lucia with all kinds of things: irons, dryers, yogurts…!  


But love it! 



Ravine Poisson it’s my block!!!!

Ok girl, calm down… 

Basically, Ravine Poisson is on the outskirt of Castries, the capital.
Located in Bexon, it’s a beautiful countryside with cute little houses, local shops and, as we suspect it by its name, a river.
(Ravine Poisson = fish gully/fish ravin) 

It’s so quiet…
except when dogs start barking, at MIDNIGHT and end up waking up a rooster which starts crowing  and then wakes up all the roosters of the neighborhood … AT MIDNIGHT 




Tchainy is my dad’s friend, and he lives …at Ravine Poisson! OF COURSE #qed

My dad met him in the 70’s.
Tchainy was a taxi driver, my dad was his client, and at the end of the day,  they became friends! As simple as that!
But unfortunately, they lost sight of each other … You know, back in the days, there were no smartphones, no facebook, no Whatsapp, nothing!

Anyway, they met again in 1997.
Since then, my family and I kept in touch with him, and his lovely wife, Ursula!
Everytime we go to St-Lucia they welcome us warmly!

We love them so much!

And her wife, Ursula is AMAZING! she makes delicious St-Lucian breakfast like we like it : bakes (the local bread) with eggs and sausages (and her special “onion and ketchup sauce” … yummmm) 

I like spending time with them, having the tea (with a dash of milk and gossip please) or watching wrestling with Tchaïny! 



Friday night is the real reason why I want to go back!
I got the chance to do it once, and I loved the energy!
Friday night street party takes place at the fishing village of Gros-Ilet and it’s one of the most popular festivity of the island. 


creole food, grilled conch, swordfish, lobster with rice coleslaw, fig salad
Jumpump and soca… culture and art 

Good food, good music, good people, music!
The perfect mix !!



@discoverstluciatours.com – Bake + Saltfish with Cocoa Tea

When it’s about food, St-Lucian people know best !

First of all, BBQ sauce, cheddar, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, and Sazon (seasoning powder) are their main ingredients.  

And unlike us, french people who like to separate starters and main course(s)  
St-lucian people mix everything up in the same plate… And i can tell you, the plate is HEAVY! 


Mac and cheese, meat, coleslaw, or fig salad (green plantain, vegetables, cod, and mayonnaise) with a slice of avocado and pepper, one piece of advice: FAST first! 

But gosh it’s so gooooood! 



You cannot say you’ve been to St-Lucia if you haven’t been to Marigot Bay! 

It’s one of the most beautiful beaches on the island! 

But you can’t access Marigot Bay like that! 

Nooooo!! you need to get on a boat shuttle to cross the little channel which separates the shore to the beach. It’s an amazing sensation and you feel like an adventurer. You are ready to go on!

Heaven on earth! 

1 Dr. Doolittle” movie was filmed.there 
2 This is one of the most secure anchorages in the Caribbean. perfect for your boat during a hurricane ! 


Let me tell you something: if you are not St-Lucian, you CAN’T DRIVE in Saint-Lucia. Don’t do it, You’re just gonna die! 


TAXIS are the safest way to discover and move around the island!  But taxis in Saint-Lucia are… something else!

1 There’s not maximum seating capacity, so Contortion is a good skill!
2 Like every caribbean taxis, the music is sooo loud! Actually, it’s not a taxi, it’s a moving night club!
3 You are about to die at every turn… but … You don’t die! (very subtle) 


Saint-Lucia = Narnia’s world!
Strange things always happen here! 

Ok in France (and Martinique), roundabouts are decorated with flowers … totally NORMAL RIGHT!
In Saint-Lucia roundabouts are decorated with … COWS grazing! 



I love Sunday mornings, the entire neighborhood is listening to country music! 

I love English style houses! Besides, each year houses over there get bigger and bigger. At first it’s a “Ti Kaz” (=small house) and a year later it’s a castle! WTF! They evolve like pokemons!

I love the Saint-Lucian way of life! Something is always going on: barbecues by the roadside, people playing dominos or again people drinking Carib or Piton Beers!



St-Lucian people are nice! (at least …with me)
They are welcoming, smiling and sharing people! 

I know everything is not perfect there but I have always been well treated ! 


Saint-Lucia is my “soulmate island”. Because when i feel down and need to recharge my batteries, I feel like going there and take a few days off (je prends quelques jours) 

I have true respect and admiration for this people who are the symbol of strenght and courage!

Saint-Lucia is family ! 


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