Wednesday morning, Rodney Bay Mall, St-Lucia.

I got to go to Rituals Coffee, to work sipping macchiato (gosh i’m so fancy) 

I decide to pass through the first floor of the JQ Mall
(a way to see if there is brand new make up in my favorite shop…  i will never change #makupaddict) 

And I stopped. 

“It was like an apparition”
(why do i always have to use that sentence from Gustave Flaubert Sentimental Education in my articles?) 

I see this man, ok, from the back … with gemstones… in his locks!

Yeah big gemstones in his locks like…hair pearls! I love it! 

@adam cadette designer of the brand

Hey but i never saw him in the neighborhood before! …Neither this shop! 
So obviously I came closer cause i’m a “makrelle”(and i wanna check if his cute…) and I discovered the cutest jewelry shop in the world! 



Ethany’s Creative Designs is a jewelry shop: 
necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, ankles, pendants… in stainless steel, semi-precious stones, paracord, leather or copper…


But, we are talking about CUSTOMIZED JEWELRY!!!
That changes everything! 


Moreover, you can also personalize keyrings, lighters, pens and even cutlery! Yeahhh! 

Which means you can literally write “sacré malélivé”(greedy)  on your spoon, to remind yourself who you really are when you swallow down an entire pint of ice cream! 


…I’m not done yet!

ECD it’s also, semi-precious stones, sold unit or incorporated in jewelry at unbeatable prices (yes I said it, you can check!) : 

Mokite, Jasper, Obsidian, Malachite from Congo, Blue Apatite, Ruby, Eye of Tiger, Amber from Dominican Republic, Larimar, Pink Quartz from Ste-Lucia … and other things I never heard of and can’t even pronounce! 

@hc mineral+ ruby

And a variety of products dedicated to wellness and purification: incense, palo santo, white and blue sage to (try to) clean negative energy from your life! 


I’m gonna tell you something: Ethany’s Creative Designs, is more than a shop.
It’s a declaration of love. From a father, to his now gone, daughter, Ethany.


Illustrated by the two brand’s emblems: 

the survival bracelet, small but mighty they’re a multi-tool of choice for military soldiers, hikers… due to their extreme handiness and versatility in emergency situations. 

and the anchor, symbol of love, strong, deep, resistant, invincible link.

Adam pours his heart and soul into his jewelry, a way to make his daughter continue to exist through his creations. 

ECD reminds us one thing: items are not simple items as long as we give them value

They turn into charms, talismans, our everyday companions: a pendant with the effigy of our island to remember where we come from, a pen with the logo of our business  to reflect on the road we have traveled until no, or even this quote on our bracelet to cheer us up when we feel down. 

In short, jewelry which makes us stronger, like the fighter Ethany is. 

If you want to be part of this journey, if you want to treat yourself, offer a special gift to someone you love, or create corporate gifts for your business… 
And above all if you looking for original, customized, affordable, and everyday jewelry, go to:

  • the first floor of JQ Mall 
  • and on Instagram: ECD_758

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